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Thuringia - Germany's green state

The Free State of Thuringia is situated just above its larger neighbour Bavaria.

Once part of East Germany, its sights and cities are perhaps not as well known as those to the west and the south.

But Thuringia has plenty to offer the visitor, with an excellent palette of history, culture and active breaks.

A chain of towns in the northern part of the state house sites that have been designated as part of the UNESCO World Heritage:

  • Weimar, with its cultural significance as the home of Goethe and Schiller, as well as the connection to the Bauhaus architectural movement
  • Eisenach, with the nearby Wartburg castle and its historic resonances to German history and religion

In between the two, Erfurt is the state capital and home of the closest airport, while having plenty to see in its old town at the heart of the city.

Statue of Luther in Eisenach

And all have played important parts in the Reformation and the life of Martin Luther.

To the south lie the uplands of the Thuringian forest, which give the state its 'Green' nickname. One of Germany's most famous hiking trails - the Rennsteig - runs through the forest for much of its 170km length. There are a number of attractive small towns in this area, such as Schmalkalden and Meiningen.

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Map of Thuringia