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About GermanSights

The information on the website is the combination of the results of trips to various parts of Germany over the years.

GermanSights is vague enough to cover a multitude of sins. Essentially it is meant as a primer for independent travellers to the country who are fed up with generic travel information repeated on countless sites or the rose-tinted publicity (understandably) produced by the local tourist offices.

Almost all of the information here comes from personal experience and the large majority of the photos were taken at the time of visiting. (A very few stock shots have been used where the weather was unhelpful on a certain day.)

The person behind the experience is Steve Rout, a former journalist and travel industry employee who currently divides his time between guiding mountain walking groups in the Austrian Tyrol and sitting in front of his computer screen talking about the internet and travel websites. (That means that anyone with a travel website themselves who fancies having their ear bent is welcome to get in touch for a chat!)

That also gives the reason for a small apology at the end of this page for any visitors from the more northern parts of Germany. Yes, the site does have far more information about the southern parts of the country but that is essentially down to geography and time. And Germany is a biiig country to cover on one's own....

(Anyone who would like to share their own personal experiences of other German locations which have not been covered is welcome to contact GermanSights as well!)

Hope you enjoy the site!
Best wishes
Steve Rout

German Sights

Statue, Reutlingen