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Konstanz, Germany

Konstanz is the largest and most historic town on Lake Constance and is known for its role in the religious disputes in the Middle Ages.

It is located on the border with Switzerland - the neighbouring town of Kreuzlingen is on just the other side of the customs posts - and lies at the western end of the lake, near the start of the Rhine.

The municipal district of Konstanz also covers two islands - Reichenau and the better-known flower island of Mainau.

An aerial view of the old town in Konstanz

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Konstanz is a busy commercial, university and tourist destination with a range of accommodation to match. It can however be difficult to work out the best way of getting there. More details about accommodation and travel can be seen on this page:
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The flower island of Mainau welcomes well over a million guests each year to its gardens and displays. More information about visiting the island can be found here: Mainau Island

Map of Konstanz


The statue of Imperia at the harbour in Konstanz on Lake Constance

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