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Oberammergau, Germany

Oberammergau is a sizeable and attractive village of around 5,000 inhabitants in the Bavarian Alps where the tourist numbers go mad every ten years when the local Passion Play rolls around.

It is also famous for its woodcarving and for the houses decorated with frescoes. It housed an American army installation for a while, and presently is home to a NATO training centre, which has increased the popularity of the village.

It is also one of the stops on the German Alpine Road tourist route and makes a good centre for a short breather if taking a leisurely approach to the drive.

The parish church in Oberammergau

The history of the village and of the Oberammergau Passion Play are detailed on our information page:
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Oberammergau has a good range of hotel and guesthouse accommodation - it has to in order to deal with the crowds that flock to the Passion Play. More about the choice and about how to get there are on our travel page:
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Map of Oberammergau


Frescoes in Oberammergau

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