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Ingolstadt, Germany

The sprawling city of Ingolstadt is often over-shadowed by its better-known and larger neighbours: Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg.

Nowadays it is known for being the headquarters of Audi but once it was the capital of a short-lived independent statelet and is the seat of the first university to be founded in Bavaria.

It was also the location of the original proclamation of the renowned Bavarian state beer purity laws (which existed in one form or another until weakened by a European court decision in the 1980s).

The Neue Schloss in Ingolstadt

With its history as the residence of medieval rulers and the location on the river Danube, there is plenty of historical interest to explore in the city. More details can be found on our information page: Ingolstadt Information

Ingolstadt is located on the main A9 motorway between Munich and Nuremberg and has its own Intercity train station. Transport information and accommodation details can be seen on our travel page: Ingolstadt Hotels & Travel

The Ingolstadt photo gallery has a range of images with a short description: Ingolstadt Images

Map of Ingolstadt


Ingolstadt centre

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