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Lindau, Germany

Lindau is one of southern Germany's most picturesque towns with an interesting old town located on an island off the shores of Lake Constance.

There is plenty to see and do in the town itself, but it also makes a good base for exploring other towns along the lake shore both in Germany and across the borders in Austria and Switzerland.

Lindau is also the starting point for those who are planning on doing the drive along the German Alpine Road tourist route.

The harbour at Lindau

Details about the history of the town and the area are located on our information page:
Lindau Information

As a popular tourist town, Lindau has plenty of accommodation both in the heart of the old town on the island and, more conveniently for car drivers, on the mainland nearer the main land transport connections. More details can be seen on our travel page:
Lindau Hotels & Travel

Images of Lindau can be found on our image gallery page, along with brief captions: Lindau Sights

Map of Lindau


The harbour at Lindau on Lake Constance

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