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Reutlingen, Germany

Reutlingen is a medium-sized city (population around 110,000) in Baden-Württemberg just to the south of Stuttgart.

Like its close neighbours Tübingen and Esslingen it acts very much as a dormitory community for the larger regional capital, but it does have enough history and sights to make a visit worthwhile.

Most of the sights of Reutlingen are along, or just off, the main axis of the Wilhelmstrasse, which passes through the main Marktplatz square and out to the other side of the main central part of the city.

View over Reutlingen, Germany

Other interesting attractions can be seen on the outskirts of the historic centre, around what used to be the city walls and towers.

Our page about Reutlingen history details the growth of the town and the backdrop to some of the historic buildings in the centre of the city.
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If you are looking for information about places to stay and the best way to get to Reutlingen then there are more details on our Reutlingen travel page:
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And, if you would like to see a little bit more about the town itself, some of the main places to see in Reutlingen are featured in our photo gallery, with short descriptions of each image:
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Map of Reutlingen


Statue, Reutlingen

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