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Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the east German state of Saxony.

Located right on the river which forms the border with Poland, it is Germany's most eastern town.

Görlitz is renowned for its architectural treasures spanning different eras. The setting of the old town has led to it featuring as a backdrop to many well-known films - so much so that it now has the nickname 'Görli-wood'.

The church of St Peter and St Paul in Görlitz seen from across the border in Poland

Görlitz has an interesting old town in the streets and alleys between Postplatz and the Lausitzer Neiße river and there are literally thousands of listed buildings to explore. Find out more on our information page:
Görlitz Information

Right on the eastern edge of Germany, Görlitz has good connections into Poland and Czech Republic, as well as a local rail line to Dresden. More about transport options and accommodation details can be seen on our travel page:
Görlitz Hotels & Travel

Our image gallery of the town houses photos of some of the main sights with short descriptions: Görlitz Images

Map of Görlitz


The statue in Görlitz - called 'Muschelminna' by the locals