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Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is the second-largest city in Bavaria and ranks #14 in terms of size in Germany overall.

It has a population of more than half a million in the city administrative area alone and the metropolitan region, which includes the neighbouring towns of Fürth, Schwabach and Erlangen, increases the number of inhabitants to 3.5 million.

Despite the size of the city, Nuremberg really is one of the 'must-see' destinations in the southern part of Germany. It has bucketloads of history and culture and boasts its own famous culinary specialities and events.

View over the streets of Nuremberg

Nuremberg - Try These Things To Do

  • Get a great view over the Old Town
    Climb to the top of the tower at Nuremberg Castle and take in the panorama over the city with the spires of the Sebald church and Lorenz church and the surrounding countryside.
  • Munch on Nuremberg's traditional street snack
    You will see the sausage stands all over the centre of the city. Try ordering 'Drei im Weggla' (which means 'three in a bun' in Nuremberg dialect) and you will get three small but very tasty local sausages in a crusty roll. Add mustard if you wish...
  • Take a train out to the former Nazi Party rally grounds
    Nuremberg history features a very dark period, but the stroll around the former parade area and lakes is both interesting and scenic. A visit to the Documentation Centre adds background for those who are interested.
  • Explore the Nuremberg beer cellars
    Not the 'Bierkellers', although that is a possibility afterwards, but the rock tunnels carved out of sandstone where beer was once stored after it was brewed. The local beer is known as 'Rotbier' ('red beer', apparently similar to Vienna lager).
  • Visit one of Nuremberg's many museums
    From the local history of the Stadtmuseum to the motorbikes and printing works at the Museum for Industrial Culture to the art and culture of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (Museum of German Cultural History) to the fun of the Toy Museum.

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Map of Nuremberg


Statue of Albrecht Dürer in Nuremberg