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Exploring the Fichtelgebirge

A natural paradise in Bavaria

The Fichtelgebirge are a range of mountains covering an area of approximately 1600 square kilometres in northeastern Bavaria and the northwestern part of the Czech Republic.

The Karchesweiher near Bischofsgrün in the Fichtel mountains
The Karchesweiher near Bischofsgrün in the Fichtel mountains

The highest peak, the Schneeberg, stands at 1051 meters above sea level. Other notable mountains include the Ochsenkopf (1024 m) and Kösseine (939 m).

Geographically speaking, the Fichtelgebirge occupies most of eastern Upper Franconia region in Bavaria. It also extends into the southeastern part of the Upper Palatinate. Parts of the region spill over into northwestern Czech Republic’s Natural Park Smrčiny.

The Fichtelgebirge region forms part of the larger Thuringian-Franconian uplands, along with the Thuringian Forest, the Thuringian Slate Mountains, and the Franconian Forest.

How to get there

When it comes to transportation, there are several major roads and railways providing access to the Fichtelgebirge.

The A72, A9 (Hof-Bayreuth section), and A93 (Hof-Weiden section) are important highways that intersect or run close to the area. The B303 (E48) serves as a vital east-west route, connecting the A9 with the A93.

The town of Marktredwitz acts as a significant railway hub, offering connections to Hof, Bayreuth, Cheb (CZ), Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Munich.

Outdoor activities in the Fichtelgebirge

The natural beauty of the Fichtelgebirge makes it a haven for outdoor activities. Much of the region is protected by the Naturpark Fichtelgebirge reserve.

Hiking enthusiasts can explore its various peaks and enjoy panoramic views from locations like Waldstein (877 m), Epprechtstein (798 m), Kornberg (827 m), and more.

The Steinwald range with Platte (946 m) offers another spectacular setting for nature lovers to discover.

The Ochsenkopf mountain offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and even a summer toboggan run.

The Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth in the Fichtel mountains
The Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth in the Fichtel mountains

The Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth, located near Wunsiedel, is a natural wonder featuring massive rock formations that create a maze-like environment for visitors to explore.

During the winter months, the Fichtelgebirge transforms into a snowy wonderland, making it a perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Skiing on the Ochsenkopf in the Fichtel mountains
Skiing on the Ochsenkopf in the Fichtel mountains

Skiing and snowboarding opportunities abound on the slopes of mountains like the Ochsenkopf and Schneeberg. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are other exciting options available.

Where to stay

The Fichtelgebirge boasts charming towns and cities within its vicinity. Wunsiedel is particularly noteworthy as it lies entirely within the mountain range’s boundaries. Other notable urban centres nearby include Marktredwitz and Selb.

Skiing on the Ochsenkopf in the Fichtel mountains
Marktredwitz in the Fichtel mountains

The larger cities of Hof (to the north), Bayreuth (to the west), Cheb/Eger (to the east), and Weiden (to the south) also provide convenient access to this captivating region.

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