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Friedrichshafen, Germany

Friedrichshafen is one of the most important German towns on Lake Constance, with its nearby airport and rail connections acting as a transit hub for visitors to the area.

But, even though it is a relatively new creation, the town of just under 60,000 offers plenty of sights of interest within its borders.

As with most of the towns along the lake, the historic monuments are clustered along the shoreline. Friedrichshafen has a long lakeside promenade stretching from the twin towers of the castle church through to the harbour and the old town.

View over Friedrichshafen, Germany

Friedrichshafen is still a town with important links to the aviation industry and the Zeppelin Museum on the lake and the Dornier Museum near the airport showcase the development of air travel.

Our page about Friedrichshafen history details the establishment of the town in the 19th century and what had happened in the area before it sprang into existence.
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Map of Friedrichshafen


Castle Church, Friedrichshafen

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