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Meißen, Germany

Meißen is a small town on the Elbe river downstream from Dresden which is world-famous for its production of porcelain.

It is also known as "the cradle of Saxony" as it was from here that the Wettin dynasty established control of the area that later became the Free State of Saxony.

As well as the stunning position on the river, with its historic centre at the foot of the castle and cathedral hill, it is also part of the Saxon Wine Route which runs from south of Dresden through to the villages north of Meißen.

The cathedral and Albrechtsburg in Meissen

Meißen is a great place to wander around with plenty of narrow streets at the base of the Burgberg leading up to the castle and cathedral. Find out more on our information page:
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Meißen is easily reached on the regional train services from Dresden as well as via the Elbe river cruises. More about transport options and accommodation details can be seen on our travel page:
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Our selection of photos highlight some of the main sights with brief captions: Meißen Images

Map of Meißen


A wooden carving in Meissen