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Bodenmais, Germany

Where is Bodenmais?

Bodenmais is the biggest 'resort town' in the Bavarian Forest, attracting visitors for the walking and mountain biking in the summer and the skiing on the nearby Arber area in the winter.

View over Bodenmais in the Bavarian Forest
View over Bodenmais in the Bavarian Forest

The small town of just under 3,500 permanent inhabitants booms in the summer months with an additional 7,000 guests and is officially recognised as a climatic health spa town.

How to get to Bodenmais

Nearest airport to Bodenmais

Munich Airport is the nearest and most convenient airport for Bodenmais, with a wide range of flights and good transport connections.

Distance to Munich Airport: 146km
Distance to Linz Airport: 154km
Distance to Prague Airport: 187km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 187km

To the south, Linz is also an option, although the choice of destinations is smaller, and the two other foreign airports at Salzburg (with a good range of charter flights from the UK) and at Prague might also be alternatives.

Train station in Bodenmais

The train station in Bodenmais is located next to the tourist office on one of the main streets through the town. The town is served by the Waldbahn and connects to the station at Zwiesel, where connecting services head out to other Bavarian Forest towns as well as to mainline services via Plattling.

Where to stay in Bodenmais

Bodenmais is the largest resort town in the Bavarian Forest and has such has a wide range of accommodation on offer.

The town itself is somewhat sprawling, which offers a choice between hotels in quiet positions near the edge of town or alternatively accommodation near the facilities and transport infrastructure.

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What to see in Bodenmais

There is not a vast amount to see in the town of Bodenmais. The tunnels at the Silberberg mountain silver mine make an interesting visit and those who enjoy spas and wellness may enjoy the facilities here.

However Bodenmais is much more a centre for outdoor activities, with hiking trails leading out from the village all over the Bavarian Forest.

History of Bodenmais

Bodenmais is a former mining settlement. Originally the production at the beginning of the 14th century was iron ore but later gold and silver deposits were discovered.

Once the ores bearing those minerals started to run out the mining switched to sulphate production (which was used for the colouring of cloth) and finally produced a by-product which was used in glass and mirror manufacture.

The mines were eventually closed in 1962 although nowadays visitors can take a trip into the former mining tunnels on the Silberberg show mine.

The resort town of Bodenmais in eastern Bavaria
The resort town of Bodenmais in eastern Bavaria

The other important industry in the area was glass manufacture which started back in the 15th century. Glass furnaces were located outside the town for understandable safety reasons but contributed to the expansion of Bodenmais as they cleared the forest around them for fuel for the furnaces and potash for the manufacture.

Now Bodenmais is part of the Bavarian Glass Route tourist trail and is known for its lead crystal. The JOSKA company operates a popular glass display area and showroom outside the town.

The town's tourism started in the 19th century with the concept of the healthy mountain and forest air. After the Second World War, Bodenmais was officially granted the title of a 'Luftkurort' (a climatic spa resort) and it has become the largest tourist destination in the Bavarian Forest with an appropriate visitor infrastructure.

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Bodenmais Tourist Office

The Bodenmais tourist office is located next to the train station. It is open from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday mornings. In July and August the tourist office is open all day at the weekends: