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Day Trip - Munich to Salzburg

Salzburg is the perfect destination for a day trip from Munich.

The Austrian city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only a couple of hours away.

It sounds like tourist office brochure-speak but your eyes really will be treated to a visual feast at every turn, from the magnificent Salzburg Cathedral to the historic Fortress Hohensalzburg.

While you explore, don't forget to appreciate the city's rich musical background.

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here. (As well as his birthplace and house, you will see the Mozartkugel chocolates dedicated to him all over the city.)

The city also played a major part in the Hollywood film 'The Sound of Music' musical. Older visitors will remember the scenes from the musical where Julie Andrews dances around the Mirabell Palace gardens.

Gateway to the majestic Alps, Salzburg's scenic location is yet another reason to pay it a visit.

Salzburg in Austria
The lovely city of Salzburg in Austria

From the crystal-clear Salzach River to the slopes of the Untersberg, you'll find it hard not to be swept away by the natural beauty that encompasses this enchanting city.

So why not embark on a Munich-to-Salzburg day trip and experience the wonders of this incredible destination for yourself?



It's not hard to see why many visitors use a train for the day trip from Munich to Salzburg.

It is an easy journey from Munich central station (Munich Hbf) through to Salzburg (Salzburg Hbf). Depending on which service you choose, it takes a maximum of two hours to travel the 150 km distance.

Some of the best travel bargains in Europe are the regional day tickets offered by the German rail company Deutsche Bahn (found at

The Bayern Ticket is usually just valid for a day of travel on regional train services around Bavaria. However, it does include trips to Salzburg as it is the first stop over the border as long as they are only on a regional train. (Express, Eurocity and Intercity services are not covered by this particular train ticket.)

This makes it an absolute bargain for the day trip there and back, and even more so if more than one person is travelling. At the time of writing, a ticket for a single person was under 30 Euros.

Try a day trip on the train to Salzburg with a guided walk around the city sights


Buses are another option for your Munich to Salzburg day trip.

Flixbus offer regular services from Munich bus station (ZOB), which is not far from the Munich Hauptbahnhof.

The journey takes just under two hours, although the Salzburg end stops in Salzburg Süd, which is about five kilometres south of the city centre. There are regular buses from the Park and Ride facilities into the centre and Salzburg Süd is not far from Hellbrunn Palace.


Those who have their own transport might prefer to drive from Munich to Salzburg. Most of the journey is via the A8 motorway, which becomes the A1 when it crosses the Austrian border.

The exit for Salzburg is a few minutes later, as long as there is no delay at the busy border crossing.

A car obviously gives more flexibility to a Salzburg day tour and allows the visitors to add in some extras, like a stop at Lake Chiemsee on the way down.

Fuel is relatively expensive in Germany and a car journey can easily end up being more costly than public transport, with the journey time (in this case) being around the same.

Possible Salzburg Itinerary

Old Town

Begin your day trip to Salzburg by exploring the historic old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander through its charming streets, admiring the well-preserved Baroque architecture.

Salzburger Nockerln
The old town centre of Salzburg

Be sure to visit Mozart's birthplace, a must-see landmark for music enthusiasts. If time allows, pop into the Salzburg Museum for a deeper dive into the city's history.

Mirabell Palace Gardens

Next, head to the beautiful Mirabell Gardens, located just a short walk from the old town. Stroll through these meticulously landscaped gardens, taking in the vibrant colours and delightful fountains.

The Mirabell Palace gardens with the Salzburg fortress behind
The Mirabell Palace gardens with the Salzburg fortress behind

Don't forget to capture some memorable photos of the famous Pegasus Fountain and the impressive Mirabell Palace backdrop.


Continue your day by meandering down Getreidegasse, Salzburg's bustling shopping street. Browse the unique shops and boutiques, many of which are housed in historic buildings. While you're there, look out for the intricate wrought iron signs adorning each storefront, adding to the street's distinctive charm.

Hellbrunn Palace

Finally, make your way by local bus out to Hellbrunn Palace, a stunning 17th-century estate on the outskirts of Salzburg. Enjoy a guided tour of the Palace—and don't miss its playful trick fountains that delight both young and old visitors.

While touring the grounds don't miss the gazebo made famous by the song 'Sixteen Going On Seventeen' in the movie "The Sound of Music".

Food & Drink in Salzburg

The Mozartkugeln ('Mozart Balls') that you will see all over the city are made from a mixture of nougat, marzipan and pistachio, covered with dark chocolate.

However, they are not going to keep you full for very long.

If you would like something more substantial with a local background, try to find a restaurant serving 'Kasnockern'. This is a Salzburg provincial speciality of small potato dumplings with melted mountain cheese and fried onions. (It is also known as 'Käsespätzle' in other parts of Austria and Bavaria.)

Salzburger Nockerln
Salzburger Nockerln

Or those with a sweet tooth might like to try Salzburger Nockerln. Despite the similarity in names, this is nothing like the previous dish. The Nockerln are very light soufflés made from egg white, flavoured with vanilla and sugar, and often served with a raspberry or strawberry sauce.

The local beer, for those who have worked up a thirst, is Stiegl. Guided tours of the brewery are available, although it is a little way out of the city centre.