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Ingolstadt Hotels

Ingolstadt is a busy commercial town with plenty of business traffic (not just limited to Audi!). That means that many of the more luxurious hotels tend to the more modern corporate style of accommodation rather than the traditional Bavarian.

The railway stations in Ingolstadt are also outside the main city centre - although with good transport access - and this means that there are relatively few hotels in amongst the main sights. Most of them can be found in a convenient location for the motorway and the nearby business area; the city ring road; or one of the train stations.

The hotels chosen are mainly from the four-star and three-star superior categories and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability and location for those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Ingolstadt

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

Enter your proposed dates and use the '+' to zoom in on a location and reveal more properties. Click on the price above a property to see more information.

(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Ingolstadt

Hotel Ammerland (E, D)
Hotel Ammerland, Ingolstadt
Hermann-Paul-Müller Strasse 15
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 953450
Fax: 0841 9534545
Ara Hotel Comfort (E, D)
Hotel Ammerland, Ingolstadt
Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 30
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 95550
Fax: 0841 9555100
Enso Hotel (E, D)
Enso Hotel, Ingolstadt
Bei der Arena 1
85053 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 885590
Fax: 0841 88559100
InterCityHotel (E, D)
Intercity Hotel, Ingolstadt
Bahnhofstrasse 6
85051 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 9535610
Fax: 0841 953561900
KULT Hotel (E, D)
KULT Hotel, Ingolstadt
Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 25
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 95100
Fax: 0841 9510100
NH Hotel Ambassador (E, D)
Enso Hotel, Ingolstadt
Goethestrasse 153
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 5030
Altstadthotel (D)
Altstadthotel, Ingolstadt
Gymnasiumstrasse 9
85049 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 88690
Fax: 0841 8869200
Bavaria Hotel (E, D)
Bavaria Hotel, Ingolstadt
Feldkirchener Strasse 67
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 95340
Fax: 0841 58802
Hotel Domizil (E, D)
Hotel Domizil, Ingolstadt
Feldkirchener Strasse 69
85055 Ingolstadt
Tel: 0841 954530
Fax: 0841 59211

Travel to Ingolstadt

Nearest airport to Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt is halfway between Nuremberg and Munich, which tends to make the massive range of flights and cities served by one of Germany's largest airports the logical choice.

Distance to Munich Airport: 71km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 107km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 187km

Nuremberg is generally a much smaller airport, while the more distant Allgäu Airport at Memmingen is a popular location for budget airlines but is less practical when it comes to public transport.

Train station in Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt has two railway stations. The Hauptbahnhof, the main train station on the frequent Intercity routes, is situated some way to the south of the city centre with good public transport access. The Nordbahnhof is part of the regional train service and is a little bit closer to the centre.


Ingolstadt centre

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