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Eichstätt Hotels

The relatively 'unknown' town of Eichstätt to the north-east of Ingolstadt is an interesting spot to explore, with its religious history and buildings in the town centre.

It is also the location of the main information centre for the Altmühltal Nature Park and is a good base to explore the popular valley to the east and west.

The town has a limited number of hotels - those with online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner are listed below. You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Eichstätt

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

Enter your proposed dates and use the '+' to zoom in on a location and reveal more properties. Click on the price above a property to see more information.

(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Eichstätt

Wellnesshotel Schönblick (E, D)
Wellnesshotel Schönblick, Eichstätt
Hohes Kreuz 11
85072 Eichstätt
Tel: 08421 93608
Fax: 08421 936086
Hotel Adler (D)
Hotel Adler, Eichstätt
Marktplatz 22
85072 Eichstätt
Tel: 08421 6767
Fax: 08421 8283

Travel to Eichstätt

Nearest airport to Eichstätt

Eichstätt is practically equidistant between Nuremberg and Munich airports. The low-cost alternative of Memmingen is around double the distance away.

Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 92km
Distance to Munich Airport: 99km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 181km

Given the relatively similar distances and the ease of motorway and rail connections, the wide range of national and international flights definitely make Munich airport the top choice for arrival by air.

Train station in Eichstätt

Eichstätt actually has two train stations:

  • the first - Bahnhof Eichstätt - is located a few kilometres outside the town and is part of the regional Ingolstadt-Treutlingen line which connects into the main rail network
  • the second - Stadtbahnhof Eichstätt - is just outside the town centre and is linked to the first by a regular service on a single-track line


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