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Hostels along the Alpine Road

The German Alpine Road is not particularly well suited for a budget DIY roadtrip.

Many of the roads are country routes either with locals or with tourist traffic on them, so not particularly suited to hitchhiking.

The public transport tends to be fragmented and often running north to south rather than the west to east of the route.

Nonetheless the Alpine Road does have an excellent selection of youth hostels - both public and private - for those who are looking for budget accommodation along the way.

View over the famous mountain resort of Berchtesgaden
View over the famous mountain resort of Berchtesgaden in southern Germany

Hostels with the "Check Availability" button underneath offer the ability to see if accommodation is available on desired dates through our travel fulfilment partner Click on the button to see whether rooms are free.

Hostels from West to East

Das Mietwerk Hostel
Das Mietwerk Hostel, Lindau
Holdereggenstrasse 11
88131 Lindau
Tel: 08382 5041130
HI Youth Hostel Lindau
HI Youth Hostel, Lindau
Herbergsweg 11
88131 Lindau
Tel: 08382 96710
House LA Hostel & Apartments
House LA Hostel and Apartments, Füssen
Wachsbleiche 2
87629 Füssen
Tel: 08362 607366 (evenings) or 0170 6248610
Füssen Youth Hostel
Füssen Youth Hostel
Mariahilferstrasse 5
87629 Füssen
Tel: 08362 7754
Bavaria City Hostel
Bavaria City Hostel Füssen
Reichenstrasse 15
87629 Füssen
Tel: 08362 9266980
Oberammergau Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Oberammergau
Malensteinweg 10
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 4114
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Jochstrasse 10
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Tel: 08821 967050
Moun10 Hostel
Moun10 Hostel #, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Lagerhausstrasse 3
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Tel: 08821 75429
Walchensee Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel Walchensee
Urfeld 17
82432 Walchensee
Tel: 08851 230
Fax: 08851 1022
Bad Tölz Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Bad Tölz
Am Sportpark 4
83646 Bad Tölz
Tel: 08041 793180
Lenggries Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Lenggries
Jugendherbergsstrasse 10
83661 Lenggries
Tel: 08042 2424
Youth Guesthouse Isarwinkel
Youth Guesthouse Isarwinkel, Lenggries
Münchner Strasse 21
83661 Lenggries
Tel: 08042 9539
Kreuth am Tegernsee Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Tegernsee
Nördliche Hauptstrasse 91
83708 Kreuth am Tegernsee
Tel: 08029 99560
Schliersee Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Schliersee
Josefsthaler Strasse 19
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 97380
Bayrischzell-Sudelfeld Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Bayrischzell
Unteres Sudelfeld 9
83735 Bayrischzell
Tel: 08023 675
Berchtesgaden Youth Hostel
Youth Hostel, Berchtesgaden
Struberberg 6
83483 Bischofswiesen
Tel: 08652 94370