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Weimar Hotels

One of the most attractive features of Weimar is the access to parkland near the town centre and those looking to stay in the town have a good choice between historic city centre lodgings such as the Hotel Elephant, something a little bit further out in a quieter position near the River Ilm or - perhaps more suitable for car drivers - out in the countryside surrounding Weimar.

Where to stay in Weimar

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

Enter your proposed dates and use the '+' to zoom in on a location and reveal more properties. Click on the price above a property to see more information.

(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Weimar

The hotels listed below are from the four-star and three-star categories and have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Hotel Am Goethepark (E, D)
Hotel am Goethepark, Weimar
Beethovenplatz 1-2
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 8720
Fax: 03643 872100
Hotel Dorotheenhof (E, D)
Hotel Dorotheenhof, Weimar
Dorotheenhof 1
99427 Weimar
Tel: 03643 4590
Fax: 03643 459200
Grand Hotel Russischer Hof (E, D)
Grand Hotel Russischer Hof, Weimar
Goetheplatz 2
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 7740
Fax: 03643 774840
Leonardo Hotel (E, D)
Leonardo Hotel, Weimar
Belvederer Allee 25
99425 Weimar
Tel: 03643 7220
Fax: 03643 7222111
Familienhotel Weimar (D)
Familienhotel Weimar
Seifengasse 8
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 4579888
Fax: 03643 851162
Hotel Amalienhof (E, D)
Hotel Amalienhof, Weimar
Amalienstrasse 2
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 5490
Fax: 03643 549110
Hotel Anna Amalia (E, D)
Hotel Anna Amalia, Weimar
Geleitstrasse 8-12
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 49560
Fax: 03643 495699
Hotel Elephant (E, D)
Hotel Elephant, Weimar
Markt 19
99423 Weimar
Tel: 03643 8020
Fax: 03643 802610

Travel to Weimar

Nearest airport to Weimar

Weimar shares an airport with nearby Erfurt (it's actually really Erfurt airport but the name was expanded for marketing reasons) although the range of flights offered is quite limited.

Distance to Erfurt-Weimar Airport: 40km
Distance to Leipzig/Halle Airport: 122km
Distance to Dresden Airport: 203km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 249km
Distance to Frankfurt Airport: 278km
Distance to Hanover Airport: 280km
Distance to Berlin Tegel Airport: 282km
Distance to Berlin Schönefeld Airport: 290km

Although the airports at Nuremberg, Leipzig and Dresden are closer, flights from a number of destinations will often involve a change at another German airport so it may be more sensible to use the larger airports (with generally more options and thus cheaper prices) at Frankfurt, Hanover and Berlin to arrive and then switch onto the Intercity high-speed rail connections into Erfurt.

Getting to Weimar by train

The railway station at Weimar is located to the north of the town centre within walking distance or a short ride on public transport. It offers regional services to nearby Erfurt and Jena (amongst other stations) and an occasional Intercity service between Jena and Düsseldorf. It had been part of the ICE network during the construction of a high-speed rail line, but these services now bypass the town.


The spire of the Jakobskirche in Weimar