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Schmalkalden Hotels

As well as its strong historical connections, Schmalkalden also makes a pleasant stop in the western part of the Thuringian Forest and is not far from the renowned Rennsteig hiking trail which leads across the hills.

The hotels below are in the historic centre or just outside the built-up area in the surrounding countryside.

The hotels chosen are mainly from the four-star and three-star categories and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Schmalkalden

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the search form below to get an idea of which hotels are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

(Please note that this selection will also include some pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Schmalkalden

Aktiv & Vital Hotel Thuringia (E, D)
Aktiv & Vital Hotel Thuringia
Notstrasse 33
98574 Schmalkalden
Tel: 03683 466570
Fax: 03683 46657999
Stadthotel Patrizier (D)
Stadthotel Patrizier, Schmalkalden
Weidebrunner Gasse 9
98574 Schmalkalden
Tel: 03683 604514
Fax: 03683 604518
Hotel Jägerklause (D)
Hotel Jägerklause, Schmalkalden
Pfaffenbach 45
98574 Schmalkalden
Tel: 03683 600143
Fax: 03683 604513
Hotel Grünes Tor (D)
Hotel Grünes Tor, Schmalkalden
Weidebrunner Gasse 12
98574 Schmalkalden
Tel: 03683 4666800
Fax: 03683 4666801
Website: www.grü
Teichhotel (D)
Teichhotel, Schmalkalden
Teichstrasse 21
98574 Schmalkalden
Tel: 03683 402661
Fax: 03683 401140

Travel to Schmalkalden

Nearest airport to Schmalkalden

The most suitable airport for travel to Schmalkalden is likely to be Frankfurt, with its wide range of destinations and mix of regular scheduled flights (along with some lower-cost carriers).

Distance to Erfurt-Weimar Airport: 59km
Distance to Frankfurt Airport: 184km
Distance to Leipzig-Halle Airport: 200km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 201km

Erfurt, Leipzig and Nuremberg are busy with charter flights during the summer season, although there are connections to other German destinations and the occasional low-cost carrier offering scheduled flights.

Schmalkalden train station

The main Schmalkalden train station is located just outside the town centre. The regular service between Zell Mehlis and Wernshausen provides regional connections through to the main-line stations at Eisenach, Erfurt and Würzburg.