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Oberammergau Hotels

As a mountain activity resort (and every 10 years one of the most popular destinations in Europe) Oberammergau has a good stock of accommodation of all standards. The hotels and guesthouses tend to be a little more traditional in architecture and decoration than some of the more cosmopolitan resorts.

The village is an intermediate stop on the German Alpine Road tourist route and the location near Ettal Abbey and Linderhof Castle - as well as the village's own sights and the lovely mountain scenery - make it a good choice for a break of a day or two along the journey.

The hotels chosen are from the five-star to three-star categories - most of them at the three-star level - and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Oberammergau

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the search form underneath to get an idea of which hotels are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Oberammergau

Hotel Maximilian (E, D)
Hotel Maximilian, Oberammergau
Ettalerstrasse 5
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 94874
Fax: 08822 9487449
Landhotel Böld (E, D)
Hotel Böld, Oberammergau
König-Ludwig-Strasse 10
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9120
Fax: 08822 912200
Aktiv- und Vital-Hotel am Kofel (E, D)
Hotel Am Kofel, Oberammergau
Hubertusstrasse 2
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 78433
Fax: 08822 3780
Hotel Arnika (E, D)
Hotel Arnika, Oberammergau
Ludwig-Lang-Strasse 21
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9110
Fax: 08822 91199
Hotel Landhaus Feldmeier (E, D)
Hotel Feldmeier, Oberammergau
Ettalerstrasse 29
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 3011
Fax: 08822 6631
Parkhotel Sonnenhof (E, D)
Parkhotel Sonnenhof, Oberammergau
König-Ludwig-Strasse 12
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9130
Fax: 08822 3047
Hotel Turmwirt (E, D)
Hotel Turmwirt, Oberammergau
Ettalerstrasse 2
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9260
Fax: 08822 1437
Hotel Alte Post (E, D)
Hotel Alte Post, Oberammergau
Dorfstrasse 19
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9100
Fax: 08822 910100
Hotel Antonia (E, D)
Hotel Antonia, Oberammergau
Freikorpsstrasse 5
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 92010
Fax: 08822 920144
Hotel Wittelsbach (E, D)
Hotel Wittelsbach, Oberammergau
Dorfstrasse 21
82487 Oberammergau
Tel: 08822 9280
Fax: 08822 9280100

Travel to Oberammergau

Nearest airport to Oberammergau

Innsbruck Airport is the closest airport to Oberammergau.

Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 78km
Distance to Allgäu (Memmingen) Airport: 115km
Distance to Munich Airport: 139km
Distance to Friedrichshafen (Bodensee) Airport: 159km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 180km

Although Innsbruck Airport is the closest option and has usable public transport options for onward transport, those travelling without a car may prefer to use Munich for the choice of flights and the simpler train connections.

The airports at Memmingen and Friedrichshafen have a limited choice of flights and better suit those who are driving, while Salzburg is the furthest of all options.

Oberammergau train station

The train station at Oberammergau links in to the main German rail network at Murnau (on the Munich to Mittenwald line - trains further south from Mittenwald to Innsbruck are also available). The railway station is located outside the central tourist area on the other side of the River Ammer towards the ski lifts and the road bypass.


Frescoes in Oberammergau

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