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Kelheim is a settlement built on the spit of land between the Danube and the Altmühl rivers just before they join. In days gone by it was an important crossing point of the Danube - nowadays it acts as a base for those looking to explore the Altmühl valley or to take a cruise along the Danube to Weltenberg Abbey.

Where to stay in Kelheim

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

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Hotels in Kelheim

Dormero Hotel (E, D)
Hotel Wittelsbacher Hof, Kelheim
Donaustrasse 22-26
93309 Kelheim
Tel: 09441 177050
Fax: 09441 1770599
Gasthof Weisses Lamm (D)
Gasthof Weisses Lamm, Kelheim
Ludwigstrasse 12
93309 Kelheim
Tel: 09441 20090
Fax: 09441 21442

Travel to Kelheim

Closest airport to Kelheim

Like most of the other destinations in the area of the Altmühl valley, the choice for arrival airport is a fairly simple one:

Distance to Munich Airport: 93km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 111km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 216km

Munich is not only the closest but has the widest range of scheduled and lower-cost carriers - both national and international. Nuremberg may be an option for internal flights whereas Allgäu Airport, on the outskirts of Memmingen, is much further away and tends to specialise in a limited range of cheaper carriers.

Closest train station to Kelheim

There is no railway station in Kelheim - the nearest is around six kilometres away in Saal an der Donau, which has a regular service from Regensburg. Bus connections to Kelheim are available from the station.

Road Travel

Kelheim is not far away from the motorway network around Regensburg - the A3 and A93 are a short drive (ca. 20km) away.


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