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Erfurt Hotels

Erfurt is the state capital of Thuringia and, as such, has a choice of different types of accommodation in various parts of the city. As it is a regional centre, it hosts a number of the big hotel chains.

Those who are visiting to see the sights will probably want to choose somewhere nearer the historic centre but, for those with their own car or who are confident in using public transport, there is a choice of more accommodation nearer the motorways or out in some of the suburbs.

The hotels chosen range from the five to four star categories and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Erfurt

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

Enter your proposed dates and use the '+' to zoom in on a location and reveal more properties. Click on the price above a property to see more information.

(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Erfurt

Arcadia Grand Hotel am Dom Erfurt (E, D)
Grand Hotel am Dom Erfurt
Theaterplatz 2
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 64450
Fax: 0361 6445100
Hotel Zumnorde (E, D)
Hotel Zumnorde, Erfurt
Anger 50–51
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 56800
Fax: 0361 5680400
Hotel Carat (E, D)
Hotel Carat, Erfurt
Hans-Grundig-Strasse 40
99099 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 64450
Fax: 0361 6445100
Hotel Excelsior (E, D)
Hotel Excelsior, Erfurt
Bahnhofstrasse 35
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 56700
Fax: 0361 5670100
H+ Hotel (D)
H+ Hotel, Erfurt
Auf der Grossen Mühle 4
99098 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 43830
Fax: 0361 4383400
InterCityHotel (E, D)
InterCityHotel, Erfurt
Willy-Brandt-Platz 11
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 56000
Fax: 0361 5600999
Hotel Krämerbrücke (D)
Hotel Krämerbrücke, Erfurt
Gotthardtstrasse 27
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 67400
Fax: 0361 6740444
Mercure Hotel (E, D)
Mercure Hotel, Erfurt
Meienbergstrasse 26-27
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 59490
Fax: 0361 5949100
Radisson Blu Hotel (E, D)
Radisson Blu Hotel, Erfurt
Juri-Gagarin-Ring 127
99084 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 55100
Fax: 0361 5510210

Erfurt Airport Hotel

Airport Hotel Erfurt (D)
Airport Hotel, Erfurt
Binderslebener Landstrasse 100
99092 Erfurt
Tel: 0361 8880
Fax: 0361 8881060

Travel to Erfurt

Erfurt-Weimar Airport

Erfurt-Weimar Airport, to give it its correct name, is actually located to the west of Erfurt near the exhibition centre and the A71 motorway which loops around the city.

It is Thuringia's only airport providing commercial passenger services, but has a limited range of airlines and destinations compared to its larger competitors further away.

Erfurt-Weimar airport in eastern Germany
Erfurt-Weimar airport in eastern Germany

There are regular tram services out to the airport from Erfurt (it takes about 20 minutes to the main railway station) and there are also several long-distance bus services to destinations within Germany which call at the airport.


Nearest airport to Erfurt

Although the local airport is just outside the city, other more distant options may well prove to be more convenient.

Distance to Erfurt-Weimar Airport: 6km
Distance to Leipzig/Halle Airport: 143km
Distance to Dresden Airport: 220km
Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 226km
Distance to Hanover Airport: 232km
Distance to Frankfurt Airport: 263km
Distance to Berlin Tegel Airport: 298km
Distance to Berlin Schönefeld Airport: 305km

Erfurt has quite a number of options for arrivals by air and all have good transport connections. The widest range of destinations and, probably, the cheaper prices can be found at the larger airports at Frankfurt, Hanover and Berlin, which have good Intercity high-speed rail connections into Erfurt.

Train station in Erfurt

Erfurt train station is located to the south of the old town near the Stadtpark and the Gera river. It is an important rail connection in Germany and links the high-speed services to Munich in the south with Berlin, Frankfurt and Dresden (amongst other destinations).


The spires of the Erfurt cathedral