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Amberg's old town is a compact area set between the ring road around the old town walls and the rail lines to the northeast. In between the ring road and the former fortifications is a open space with trees and paths and there is also parkland north and south along the river Vils.

The hotels chosen are from the four-star and three-star categories and some of them have online booking facilities through our travel fulfilment partner You can check availability at those particular hotels by clicking on the button under the hotel.

Where to stay in Amberg

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

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(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

Hotels in Amberg

Drahthammer Schlössl (D, E)
Drahthammer Schlössl, Amberg
Drahthammerstrasse 30
92224 Amberg
Tel: 09621 7030
Fax: 09621 88424
Parkhotel Maximilian (D, E)
Parkhotel Maximilian, Amberg
Pfalzgrafenring 1
92224 Amberg
Tel: 09621 3300
Fax: 09621 330330
Hotel Brunner (D, E)
Hotel Brunner, Amberg
Batteriegasse 3
92224 Amberg
Tel: 09621 4970
Fax: 09621 497155

Travel to Amberg

Nearest airport to Amberg

Nuremberg Airport is the closest airport to Amberg and, if the limited number of carriers and destinations suit, then it makes sense to use this smaller airport.

Distance to Nuremberg Airport: 70km
Distance to Munich Airport: 178km
Distance to Prague Airport: 227km

Otherwise Munich offers a wide range of destinations and carriers and most visitors arriving by air would use this major airport. Prague is the next closest big airport although it involves crossing national borders and using a different currency. Further away, the massive airport at Frankfurt and the two smaller ones at Erfurt and Leipzig might also offer a solution.

Train station in Amberg

The train station in Amberg is just outside the former town walls to the north-east. There are regular services to Nuremberg, Regensburg and Prague.