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Bavarian State Exhibition 2016

The theme for the 2016 Bavarian state exhibition is based on a highly-significant birthday: the 500th anniversary of the 'beer purity law'.

The exhibition 'Beer in Bavaria' is being held all through the summer at the small town of Aldersbach down near the Austrian border not far from Passau.

The first four weeks of the exhibition had drawn in 20,000 visitors and organisers are hoping for well over 100,000 viewers before they close the doors at the end of October. The exhibition itself is held in a former Cistercian abbey.

The local town brewery is one of the oldest in Bavaria. It was started by the monks and was first mentioned back in the 13th century.

With the secularisation of Bavaria in the Napoleonic era, the ownership passed to the Freiherr von Aretin family and has remained a family-run business for 200 years.

The Benediktbeuren abbey in Upper Bavaria

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The exhibition is being held in the grounds of the former monastery in Aldersbach, which is being restored with the eventual aim of regaining its religious status. Currently it is used for classical music concerts and literary events in the summer months.

The town of Aldersbach was chosen because it is a classic example of the link between the religious orders and the effect that they had on the settlements around them, farming the land and brewing beer, and then using the income to build and decorate many of the churches and interiors that people visit today.

The church of St Mary and the monastery buildings are decorated in the ornate Baroque style and can be visited as part of the exhibition. It is also possible to tour the local brewery and there is a regular programme of events being held in the town during the summer months to celebrate the exhibition.

The state exhibition is open every day from 09.00 - 18.00 until the end of October. Tickets cost €10,-- for adults. Aldersbach does not have a railway station but there are frequent buses to and from the exhibition from the nearby train station at Vilshofen an der Donau (10km).


Map of the Aldersbach Area


The Free State of Bavaria